Engagement Party Invitations

For most people, being engaged to their dream woman or man is a more than a dream come true and they will do everything to let the world know it and they will do it in style.

Most people will organize an engagement party to celebrate the end of their lives as singles and welcome new life of wedded people. This is a good way of keeping memories alive of the days gone by and to relive memories in the old age. To some an engagement party is a wild bash, others they do it formally while to others it is just a small intimate affair with members of the two families. Most of these parties are held in homes of the couples or a hired space like a golf club, park or a club. This is to avoid uninvited guests gate crashing at the private affair. For a party that is done outside a house or a club, most of them hires outside catering services for all the food and drinks served. For those who value memories, they will invite a camera person to film then edit the whole party and add some music to go along with the occasion.

Engagement party invitations are sent out ahead of the day and mostly it is done by sending specially printed cards to people you know well. To some, an engagement party is not an invitation without well decorated cards with beautiful flowers and a love message. Most of these cards carry a message congratulating the couple and wishing them love and happiness in their new life. Such a message can be like, “From a single kiss at the park, to a life partner. This is Real Love”. Such messages depend on where the couple met or just a love message or quote agreed together by them.